Rivera & Shirhatti, P.C.

Highly recommended

Javier’s been helping my family the past 5years with immigration process. Not always easy, but Javier stood by us every step of the way. Always professional, extremely knowledgeable, trustworthy and always friendly. Now with GC in hand. Thanks for everything!!!

Andre Smith

Won an “impossible” case

Thanks to Javier my wife and I now live in the same country and hold green cards. I talked to multiple lawyers before hiring Mr. Rivera. All of them said our case was impossible. Mr. Rivera not only gave us the hope that my wife could come to America, he delivered on that promise.

I’m Australian, my wife is Russian. We met in America but my wife was deported due to a visa violation (she worked for tips in a restaurant while on a travel visa). I elicited the help of a different lawyer, attempting to return my wife to America, it only made the situation worse. The charges against my wife were upgraded and she had a lifetime ban on entering the US.

I talked to many lawyers, Mr. Rivera was the only one who said the case could be won and my wife returned to America. With Mr. Rivera’s help, I obtained a National Interest Waiver, my wife obtained a waiver on her life-time ban and was able to return to the U.S. This is despite the fact that I am not an American and only held an E3 visa at the time.

With Mr. Rivera’s further help, we then both applied for Green Cards and were successful. We now live in America together as permanent residents and my wife’s life-time ban has been removed. Mr. Rivera coached us through all the processes and created strong case files for each application. I couldn’t be happier with the results, with Mr. Rivera’s conduct or his track record.

I work for an international oil company which hires a lot of international talent. I have recommended Mr. Rivera to all my colleagues and, if you are reading this, I recommend him to you.



The best immigration attorney you could ever find in the country. Let’s just say I’ve had an extremely difficult case and thanks to Javier I’m an us citizen now Many thanks and much success in future Mr. Rivera


Highly recommended attorney!

We had a great experience with Mr. Rivera. He is professional, honest and competent. Able to answer all the questions and guide us in the right direction, highly recommend him!


Javier offered top service from the get go!

Javier’s services for my resident application process was of the outmost quality. Not only he explained every single step of the process, from the national interest waiver application to the change of status, he was very clear and attentive in answering all of my questions and comments. He has a solid expertise in the field and you feel reassured your case is handle with the seriousness it deserves.


Prompt, Precise, and Honest

Javier was a pleasure to work with, he always responded quickly and with the same urgency as our family. He was very direct when answering our questions, and made sure we understood what challenges we might be facing. He was very reachable, whether it was through email or his direct number. Most importantly, he won our case and brought my husband home. We are very happy with his work, and would highly recommend him to anyone that is needing an immigration attorney in Houston.


Excellent Attorney

Very positive experience with Javier. Our case is a little bit complicated. However, he managed to give us the best result using the shortest time. Very responsive and professional. Showed very good patience and understanding. I highly recommend him to everyone.


Very smart lawyer

Javier had done excellent job to resolve my son’s immigration matter which I never thought would possible. He took my case which other lawyers refused to take it and scared me. He did such a unbelievable work I had never thought. He is knowledgeable about immigration steps.

It takes long time to resolve my case but finally make it successful. I highly recommend him to hire for your immigration matter. You did good job to resolve my case.


One of the best out there

Roberto is an excellent lawyer who knows the law and know how to use it to the advantage of his client. He did an excellent job for me in the area of immigration.


5 STAR Attorney

Javier was my immigration attorney. He was detailed and very attentive to every need of my case. He always was available for consultation and counsel throughout the whole process.



Mr javier is very turstworthy, and does everythings on clients convenience. He knows clients needs and provide services accordingly. I would like to thank Mr Javier from bottom of my heart. If anybody looking for immigration and family go for Mr Javier. You would not miss anything.


Best immigration attorney

Javier Rivera is an outstanding immigration attorney. He was always knowledgeable of my case and responded to my questions in a timely manner. Even though it took a little bit longer to solve the case, he kept me informed and prepared for the next step. I highly recommend Javier to anyone looking for an immigration attorney.


Exemplary Attorney

It is my distinct honor to laud Roberto Javier Rivera for his exemplary service as my immigration attorney. His professionalism, helpful nature, knowledge of the law, and kindness, made the process virtually seamless.

He was always ready to answer my questions and kept me informed of developments as my case progressed. I am very grateful to him and intend to recommend him in future to family, friends, and acquaintances.


Immigration Attorney–Knowledgeable, Approachable, Trustworthy and Effective! **5 STARS** Highly Recommended

Javier was extremely responsive to any questions we had throughout the process. He was very knowledgeable about Immigration law, but was also able to communicate with my husband and I and explain the various processes in familiar terms we could access.

Javier helped us feel secure with our case, and gave us the appropriate information and preparation for what to expect. I was so thankful we had such thorough, considerate and effective counsel. I would recommend them to anyone!


Roberto Javier Rivere

Atty Roberto Javier Rivera has very good knowledge of immigration related cases. He has successfully solved my immigration case, which was pending for many years.

He is very determined, responsive, cooperative, gentle, follow up the his client’s cases very closely and strongly. Immigration cases may be difficult but for him not immpossible. He is very a ambitious knowledgeable upcoming young Attorney. I am wishing him all the Best.


Most Honest and Dedicated Attorney

Mr. Roberto Javier is an outstanding Immigration Attorney. He represented me in the most professional manner and changed the outcome of the most difficult case with his exceptional ability to the most satisfactory result. He is particular in his work and pays especial attention to details. He is highly informative and gives the best legal advice in the profession. I would highly recommend Mr. Javier for any legal matter due to his professional abilities and the way he handled my case. I’m so thankful that I came to Mr. Javier and I hope who so ever reads this should take his council.

Asghar Khan

Great value

Javier was very honest, straight-forward, and knowledgable. He really helped us focus on what the most important issues and questions were, so we could focus on finishing our application.